" As Principal of a specialized technology consulting firm in a large metropolitan market, I have been exposed to many IT professionals in my career.  Ashley is the only consultant that I know that can hear a client describe a technology or process-related frustration, restate the pain in a problem definition, and match the client’s needs with a solution – either one on the market or custom created.  I think she was born to solve business problems, and just happens to use technology solutions."
--Rizwan Sheikh, Principal at Austin CSI


" Sheer Technology helped Emerald completely redo our online presence.  We now have an up-to-date, interactive site that’s easy for both our clients and our employees to utilize.  Moreover, I have the ability to manage most of the content updates myself.  Emerald is now able to accurately communicate company information, facility details, as well as news and current events professionally and quickly.  Working with Sheer Technology has been a smooth, successful process, and we highly recommend their professional team."
--Rachel Roeder, Director of Business Development at Emerald Companies


"We were looking for a consulting group which had accounting and IT experience, yet one we felt had the ability to take our business plan and guide us through the requirements and considerations before acquiring the new system.  Thanks to Sheer Technology, we got everything we wanted in the software package that was ultimately selected." 
--Rex Tamplin, CPA at Aliign, LLC


“As a result of Sheer Technology’s assistance, we will be able to manage our entire four office operation under one umbrella via seamless automation.  We will have real-time visibility to our operations and revenue while providing more efficient services to our clients.  Sheer Technology goes above and beyond all of our expectations, and we do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

--Dennis Necaise, President of Mothe Life Insurance


“We came to Sheer Technology in need of better web representation and could not be more satisfied with the result.  Our online presence was elevated beyond our expectations.  Sheer Technology custom built a more useful tool for our firm, highlighting the distinguishing characteristics, creating an interactive client portal, and seamlessly organizing the extensive background information of our five offices.  We received invaluable training that allows us to make edits in-house.  We definitely recommend Sheer Technology’s expertise to anyone who is looking for a more thorough web resource.”

--Geoff Gonella, Cornerstone Government Affairs


“We could not have achieved this FDA filing in a timely manner without the expert assistance from Sheer Technology.  They were able to help translate the extensive FDA requirements into terms and concepts that made sense for the Constant Care business model and product development.  Without their professionalism, organizational skills, and relentless commitment to this product’s success, Constant Care would not have been able to experience such a smooth, efficient FDA filing.”

--Jodi Funderburk, Vice President of Development for Constant Care


“Sheer Technology helped us understand why we did not have to buy new software to automate mail-outs to our clients.  After Sheer Technology’s help, our point of sale processing is much quicker, and we have a simple process in place to help us with our marketing initiatives.  We also experienced very little down time, as the analysts agreed to work after hours.  In retail, that’s critical.”

--RL McCary, Owner of McCary’s Jewelers


“As we were preparing to commit to one of two vendors, Sheer Technology provided us with a checklist that was very helpful in determining which vendor would work best for us.  Their insight to the IT contracting and servicing field was extremely beneficial to our Hospital, as their thorough review of our contracts brought numerous hidden costs to the surface, preparing us for the additional costs our project required and enabling us to budget appropriately right from the start.”

--Robert Bash, FACHE, CEO & Administrator for Doctors Hospital at Deer Creek